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We offer equipment maintenance:

By contracting one of our maintenance plans, you will have the following benefits:

1. Longer equipment life: Preventive maintenance helps keep equipment in optimal condition, which prolongs its useful life. By carrying out periodic inspections, cleaning and adjustments, you avoid premature wear and problems that could result in costly breakdowns.

2. Better performance and precision: Laboratory equipment requires precise and reliable performance. Proper maintenance ensures that instruments are calibrated and working properly, leading to more accurate and consistent results from your tests.

3. Reduced downtimeEquipment failures and glitches can cause extended downtime in the lab, affecting productivity and delaying projects. With preventive maintenance, problems can be detected and resolved before they become serious failures, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuous workflow.

4. Savings in repair costs: By preventing problems and making periodic adjustments, expensive repair services are avoided. Our maintenance plans offer preferential rates on remedial visits, saving you up to 50% compared to non-contracted services.

5. Priority in technical service: Customers with maintenance contracts have priority in attention and technical service. In case you require assistance, your request will be dealt with as a priority, which reduces response times and ensures a prompt solution to any problem that may arise.

At Biosystems Corp we are committed to providing comprehensive support for the maintenance of your laboratory equipment, protecting your investment and helping you get the best performance from your instruments.

Contact us to learn more about our maintenance plans and how we can accommodate the specific needs of your laboratory.

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